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  • "Yoga as an adjunctive treatment for posttraumatic stress disorder: A randomized controlled trial" (2014) van der Kolk
  • fMRI, Body Keeps the Score (2014) van der Kolk
  • Alison Rhodes' dissertation
  • Moving to Heal, Jennifer West's dissertation
  • "Trauma Sensitive Yoga as a Complimentary treatment for postraumatic stress disorder: A qualitative descriptive analysis" (2016) West
  • "Claiming peaceful embodiment through yoga in the aftermath of trauma" (2015) A. Rhodes
  • The Lived Experience of Teaching Trauma-Sensitive Yoga: A dissertation by Evan Alyse Bodine
  • TSY as an adjunct mental health treatment for survivors of domestic violence: A feasibility study (2014) C. Clark
  • Emory Univ/Atlanta VA and RCT - women and military sexual trauma, in process
  • "Effectiveness of an intensive yoga treatment for women with chronic postraumatic stress disorder" (2017), M. Price
  • “Meta-Analysis of yoga for PTSD” (2018)
  • Antioch University PhD dissertation with IRB approval looking at our one-to-one model (begins in 2019)
  • Antioch University PhD dissertation with IRB approval modifying NiH protocol for young children (begins in 2020)
  • “Yoga for PTSD and the role of interoceptive awareness: A preliminary mixed-methods case series study” (2019) Australia
  • Youth detention for boys in Atlanta - Ashli Owen-Smith PI
  • Exploring a collaboration with partners in Colombia
  • PhD dissertation, Hamline University, interviews with therapists with clients doing TCTSY (in process)